Crankalicious: Wipe The Weight Off Your bike!

Developed from scratch by a highly skilled team of engineers and scientists, Crankalicious, the handmade and high performance bike care and cleaning brand has today launched their revolutionary new product ‘Weight Wipes’.


It’s common knowledge that the real enemy of cyclists isn’t fatigue or cars but rather something more threatening: gravity! Thanks to Crankalicious’ new product, the burden of your heavy bike will be wiped away. 

Founded from a dedication to marginal grains; the endless pursuit of perfection, the Weight Wipe is the embodiment of Crankalicious’ obsession with improving performance. The Weight Wipes only use the finest grit, sourced from Crankalicious’ own unique supplier. This true grit ensures that your performance will be enhanced in both wet and dry conditions.


Weight Wipes remove unwanted mass from any part of your frame or drivetrain; simply tear open the sachet, remove and rub over your entire frame.  You will see the weight fall from your bike. For the best results, use for longer periods.

Crankalicious’ founders Tony and Dom realised that the main thing stopping a majority of cyclists becoming professionals was the weight of their bike. Rather than train harder and improve their diet, many cyclists pin the blame on their bike being too heavy thus weighing them down. 


Tony Hetherington, Brand Manager of Crankalicious, said: “we are not fooling around with this latest innovation. Weight Wipes will revolutionise cycling thanks to their innovative weight-saving properties. Honestly, I’m surprised that no one else has thought about this before.”

*Note, Crankalicious does not guarantee the integrity of your frame after use. Any similarity of a Weight Wipe to a piece of sandpaper with a sticker on is purely coincidental.

Special bulk pricing available to all members (and ex-members) of the Australian cricket team. Please contact us directly for further details.

Crankalicious Weight Wipes RRP £100