Emily Chappell - What Goes Around

Who hasn’t looked on in envy from their office desk as they watch a cycle courier saunter out of the doors of the sterile office, swing a leg over a fixie and shoot off into the freedom of London’s tangled web of streets to dance with the traffic? Emily Chappell’s What Goes Around: A London Cycle Courier's Story is a bittersweet love letter to London, its gnarly streets, and the joy of cycling through them. It’s also addressed to former lovers, the cycling courier community and the bike itself.

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Cycling On Water? Great Idea or Driving Cyclists from City Streets?

Imagine if your daily commute was traffic free and totally safe, with beautiful river views, running through the heart of the city... if only. Londoners could be lucky enough to have such an opportunity if the Thames Deckway project gets the estimated £600m needed to make this dream a reality. But is the scheme merely another way of pushing cyclists from the city's streets?

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Brompton riders are not passionate cyclists, says boss!

The Brompton Cycles boss, Will Butler-Adams, interviewed in The Times this week, claims that Brompton riders are practical rather than passionate:

"Funnily enough, most of our customers aren't into cycling.They're just living, getting about. If it's pouring and you can't be bothered, just fold the thing up and jump on the bus or the Tube," he says. Or get a puncture, which happens to us with painful frequency!

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