Sean Kelly Crashes into Wild Boar in Spain

We all know that Sean Kelly was one of the best bike handlers and descenders of his time. We also know that he’s a hard man. That’s why he was able to win Paris - Roubaix as well as making Paris - Nice his own, winning the ‘race to the sun’ on seven successive occasions. So it comes as no surprise to hear that, when he crashed into a wild boar today, it was the pig, not Sean, who came off the worst.

Kelly was making the most of the pro cycling close season to get away from his day job as a Eurosport presenter with some winter cycling in Spain’s Costa Blanca. Coming down the descent from Coll de Rates he turned a corner to be confronted by a wild boar which he couldn’t avoid colliding with.

He later posted pictures on Twitter of the boar stretched out on the road. It seems he came out of the whole experience unscathed commenting, “Walked away without a scratch after today’s battle with the boar thanks to my ONDA clothing” and “Who needs a rifle when you have a bike to go wild boar hunting.” It’s not clear yet whether Kelly slung the beast over his shoulder to roast on a spit for dinner.