Ride Velo Elite 'Urban" Bidon

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B_1608_0696_JOSSANOVA RIDEVELO BLACK_rev02 (2).jpg

Ride Velo Elite 'Urban" Bidon

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This water bottle by Elite of Italy is the best bidon we've found. It never leaks and perfectly delivers your drink without the nozzle closing itself or shooting water all over the place!

It's squeezable and comfortable to hold, fits perfectly into you bottle cage and never lets you down - unlike cheaper versions. The wide neck is big enough to accommodate energy drink scoops. Definitely not for chucking into the hedge at the end of your ride, this bidon is to be treasured for ever. Also available in road riding red.

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Bottle Characteristics:

The bottle features a sporting and functional design. The aggressive new design of the cap re-elaborates the lines of the Elite cap used by professionals, and includes the membrane valve for easy and immediate delivery, the lock-unlock function for maximum hermetic seal, the max. cleaning function for complete disassembly and subsequent cleaning, and an enlarged lip support area in soft thermoplastic material to allow a more natural hydration.

Also, the cap has a series of rings to offer a better grip and holding of the bottle even in extreme conditions. The bottle body is designed to be compatible with all 74 bottle cages available on the market.

Membrane Valve:

Facilitates delivery with quick opening and closing. With the cap in the unlock position (open), the bottle is always ready to use. In this position the liquid cannot come out (even with the bottle turned upside down); delivery of the beverage is obtained by pressing lightly on the bottle body . This system enables immediate and very easy use even in the most strenuous conditions and ensures constant insulation of the liquid inside with respect to outside environment.  Use of the silicone medical valve controls the flow, preventing any side spurting that could end up on clothes or other unwanted parts.

  • Liquid Delivery: The nozzle width guarantees high delivery of the liquid, equal to 47 ml/sec, for easy drinking of all the beverage contained.
  • Lock-Unlock: An innovative system created by Elite, ensuring hermetic closing of the bottle for carrying; in these conditions the bottle can undergo considerable pressure without losing the liquid. Unlike its competitors present on the market, this solution ensures high ergonomy and easy use. Opening/closing is done by turning the cover just 30°.
  • Max. cleaning: The cap can be completely disassembled for complete and thorough cleaning of all the single parts. Turn the cover with a bit more force than that required to open/close the cap, beyond the unlock position, to detach the upper part for washing each single component. Refitting is very easy and only requires pressing the various parts which easily fit together. This feature ensures the hygiene of those hard to wash hidden parts of the cap and which otherwise could favour the creation of mould.
  • Squeezable: A characteristic of the bottle body facilitating delivery of the liquid through the valve.
  • Food safety: the bottle complies with European CE regulations and American FDA regulations regarding containers in contact with foodstuffs.
  • BPA Free: The elements making up the bottle are completely BPA-free .
  • Odourless: All the parts are odourless and preserve the taste of the liquid contained in the bottle.
  • Delivery: The large nozzle ensures a high delivery, equal to 47 ml/sec
  • Filling: The ample Ø 45 mm opening facilitates filling with beverages and supplements, as well as washing the inside of the bottle.
  • Recyclability: The materials used are 100% recyclable in the normal recycling flows.
  • Max. liquid temperature: 75°C
  • Dishwasher friendly

Technical Data:
_Total height 205 mm;
_Diameter 74 mm;
_Capacity 550 ml;
_Weight 98 g.

Construction materials:
_External Valve: Thermoplastic Rubber
_Upper Cap Cover: Polyamide
_Cock: Polypropylene
_Membrane Valve : Silicone
_Lower Cap Body: Polypropylene
_Bottle Body: Polyethylene