10+1 Of The Best Cycling Twitter Accounts

By Robbie Broughton


The younger generation may have dropped Facebook and Twitter in favour of Instagram and Snapchat ages ago, but Twitter remains at the heart of cycling gossip, banter and news. Check out this selection of Twitter accounts for some of the best chat, jokes and laughs as well as one or two more serious accounts that challenge the cycling establishment.

Things Carlton Says
Eurosport’s Carlton Kirby certainly has his fair share of both fans and detractors. The language mangler divides the nation when it comes to his commentary which has been known to go a little off-track on occasion. For those of us that love him, this account is a hilarious compendium of some of his best phrases, bon-mots and off-the-wall descriptions. Make sure you’re following during this year’s Grand Tours for some truly memorable commentating.

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Gary Imlach’s Hair
Sticking to TV commentary but on the other channel, Gary Imlach’s extraordinary hair, sartorial style and blinding charisma are all celebrated. Journalist, cycling pundit, wordsmith, polo shirt model, lover and visionary: join the church of Gary and ride with his peloton of joy. 

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Simon Warren
The author of 100 Climbs is fast becoming one of the wittier Tweeters out there. Commenting mostly on cycling, Simon also likes taking a swipe at politicians, various other sports and current affairs.

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Larry Warbasse @larrywarbasse

Larry has the coolest kit in the peloton. But apart from that he's also a contributor to Rouleur and he often gives an interesting insider's view of what it's like to be a professional bike rider.

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Michael Hutchinson
Cycling Weekly’s Dr Hutch. Author, journalist, international lawyer, national champion time trialer and a real Doctor (of law), he’s one of the most intelligent people you’ll ever come across in cycling. He’s also very, very funny and makes wry and sharp observations that make you think: “Why didn’t I think of that?” 

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If you’re out and about while a big race is going on, Velo Voices gives a minute by minute update of all the action. Infused with passion and well-informed they also commentate on the commentators. Great stuff.

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Daniel Friebe
Cycling author who also makes the odd appearance as a Eurosport interviewer. A bit of news, comment on on cycling fashion (“Turquoise versus neon pink in Het Nieuwsblad? What must Roger de Vlaeminck be thinking?”) He’s also a contributor to the excellent The Cycling Podcast which offers great insight into the world of professional cycling.

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Max Leonard
Another influential cycling writer, Leonard’s book A Higher Calling is worth reading just for the chapter on the search of Marseille’s bars  for Rene Vietto’s amputated toe. Based in Nice and obsessed with Alpine climbs, he’s an interesting character to follow and envy as he leads the high life on Nice’s beach and nearby climbs.

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Fuck the Hypocrisy
Strong comment on doping in sport. Absolutely uncompromising in his criticism and can feel like being battered and bludgeoned with a club, but one of the few voices out there calling out the establishment.

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Scott Mitchell
Photographer for Team Dimension Data. Great shots of Cavendish, classy Velobici kit and the Grand Tours. Cycling porn.

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Mark Fairhurst
We’ve been a big fan of Mark Fairhurst’s witty, iconic art for ages. Posts relevant and gorgeous images that celebrate the heroism, grit and glamour of cycling with a nostalgic edge.

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