Brompton riders are not passionate cyclists, says boss!

The Brompton Cycles boss, Will Butler-Adams, interviewed in The Times this week, claims that Brompton riders are practical rather than passionate:

"Funnily enough, most of our customers aren't into cycling.They're just living, getting about. If it's pouring and you can't be bothered, just fold the thing up and jump on the bus or the Tube," he says. Or get a puncture, which happens to us with painful frequency!

According to Butler-Adams, 80,000 Londoners own a Brompton. Plans for the future include an electric bike and moving their entire operation to Brentford in West London to give the company room to expand and develop their range. 

"It's not like a Lamborghini that tells you it's expensive, fast and sexy by looking at it. But it makes your life better. It works, people love it - I love it."