Manchester Velodrome Planks For Sale

If you’re quick you may still be able to own a piece of cycling history by purchasing a piece of the Manchester Velodrome track.


The track is getting its first refit since it was last replaced in 2007 so thousands of planks of Siberian spruce have been pulled up from the National Cycling Centre and being sold by the recycling charity Emerge.

Although British Cycling are holding onto the start/finish line someone wanted to make a boardroom table out of the discarded pieces, the British Cycling Federation are making trophies and Laura Kenny plans on making a bench out of it.

Speaking to BBC News, Wai Lee of the Cheshire Mavericks Cycle Club, has picked up a piece, saying that he wanted “a piece of Manchester history, plus the memory of riding on it makes it something special. I think I’ll turn it into some sort of wall art.”

Emerge, the cycling charity selling off the pieces tweeted today, "Public interest in the original @N_CyclingCentre (#Manchester #Velodrome) track stock has rocketed! Due to this extrememly high demand, we're presently advising anyone interested in buying the wood to call us on 0161 223 8200 (option 5). PLEASE DON'T COME TO THE SHOP."

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